On a search for ikigai 🌍🧭

🧬 I'm interested in interfacing tech and design in bio-related disciplines to create sustainable impact through science.

Fascinated by how we can engineer biology and am currently focused on aging.

Formally, I'm studying engineering at the University of Toronto. In my spare time, I like to move shapes around on Figma, learn about the history of different cultural foods and read memoirs.

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Loyal (Associate) - aging biology but with 🐶s, working in the computational biology team

On Deck (Longevity Biotech Fellow) - immersing myself in the world of longevity biotech

Quantum Open Source Foundation (Core Team) - helping scale the awesome quantum open-source software community and the quantum mentorship program.

🌱 Previous

Bank of Canada (Quantum Lab Research Assistant) - investigated applications of quantum machine learning in finance, completed a literature review and benchmarked algorithms/software.

Gamechanger.co (Associate) - worked on all things growth, community-scaling, and content marketing at Gamechanger.co, a venture and innovation firm.

University of Toronto URECS Program (Student Researcher) - modelled the evolution of phenotypic plasticity under environmental stresses.

Creative Destruction Lab (Apprentice) - shadowed some of Toronto's top VCs and deep tech founders in CDL sessions (in engineering and AI streams).

Goddard Gamage LLP (Legal Research Intern) - prepared wills and various documentation/files for estate litigation (I did once upon a time, want to be a lawyer).

🛠️ Projects

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