Good reasons to do things

Aug 2023 | Reading time: less than 1 min

For reasons unidentified, time just increasingly seems to pass faster and faster. It’s a visceral feeling just waking up one morning and suddenly, instead of feeling the warm summer breeze, it’s chilly.

Maybe this summer passed by faster than previous ones because I spent less time thinking and overthinking, and more time doing. More time being in the present.

It’s (wildly) unsatisfying to me if I can’t find a reason for something, to the extent I can’t get said thing out of my head for a good week or two. Or month. So, I wrote down reasons for “doing things” as a joke initially for a friend, but now that I look back, it is actually not a half-bad list. I’ve realized most of my reasons for doing things are arbitrary, so might as well not exert mental heavy lifting when I don’t need to.

Here is my list of good reasons to do things:

a) It’s fun(ny)
b) It’s cool
c) It’s to prove a point
d) All of the above

Reason (c) above is one of the few good reasons to be petty (in my opinion), because mostly, why gaf anyways and why waste time being hung up on something?